Do I have to complete my Student Spa requirements on campus?

Do I have to complete my Student Spa requirements on campus?

Student Spa requirements are to be completed on campus during one of our scheduled Student Spa dates. To request a shift in Student Spa please visit:

There are 2 exceptions to this rule. Students may apply to complete these outside of the school if they are currently employed by or operate their own licensed business. Applications for this consideration can be done via email to
For home based businesses: Your business license and booking information must be provided.
For students working in a spa/clinic: proof of employment must be provided.

Once permission has been approved, students will receive a letter granting this exception and be provided instructions on how to obtain sign off for the service. 

These services are required to be completed in our Student Spa, with the exception of the two exemption options listed above. These services are not eligible to be completed in a rental room on campus. 
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