Practical Training / Model Requirements

Practical Training / Model Requirements

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Main Campus

6724 75 Street

Edmonton AB, Canada

T6E 6T9 

East Campus
6012 82 Avenue NW (Located inside PROBEAUTY Group)

Edmonton AB, Canada

T6E 6T9 

As shown, class begins at 9:00am sharp.  Please note: It is imperative that you arrive at least 15 minutes prior to class to allow for proper check-in and be ready to start class on time. Late arrivals are very disruptive and therefore not permitted entry into class. 
 The Student Entrance doors close at 8:50 sharp 

*Late arrivals will not be permitted entry into the class and will be required to reschedule their class(es) as per S.21A of the Student Handbook. 

Here is the link to our Student Handbook for your reference:

Model Requirements:

Models are required for in class training sessions. It is your responsibility to find models for your classes. We have a listing of past models who have expressed interest in being a model for other students. As a student, you may access these listings. For more information on models and how to access the model listing, please visit

*It may take up to 48 hours for our administration team to verify your enrollment and for you to gain access.

When contacting a model for class, please ensure you verify they are not contraindicated for the service. Your instructors will walk through the consultation forms with you and may turn away anyone who is not a good candidate for the service.

Model Fees
A model fee applies for all models attending a treatment. Model fees are to be paid by the model when they come in to receive a treatment from you during class. You are responsible for notifying your models of the model fee and any relevant information to the class. You may choose to pay for your models yourself, which can be done at the reception desk. Any unpaid model fees are your responsibility. Model fees for each class can be found on our website under the course page.

*Please note, during the COVID pandemic, we are not accepting cash payments for any services. Please ensure you notify your models of this policy.

COVID-19 Model Policies
For the safety of our staff, students and visitors, the following policies are in place for all models and clients in our facilities. Please ensure you notify your models of the following policies when you are booking them to assist you with your practical training.
  • Face masks are optional during the duration of your visit.
  • Your esthetician will be equipped with proper PPE pertaining to the service you are receiving. 
  • Please do note arrive early for your appointment. We would greatly appreciate it if you arrive as close as possible to your appointment without being late.
  • Please arrive at your appointment alone. If you received a ride, please have your driver wait outside for the duration of your visit.
  • Children under 16 are not permitted within the facility.
  • Please keep a physical distance of 2 meters apart from other clients and personnel while in the corridors.
  • If you have traveled internationally within 14 days previous to the room rental, or if you are feeling ill with symptoms of flu (fever, coughing, sore throat, shortness of breath, respiratory issues) or have been in contact with someone exhibiting these symptoms, we ask that you reschedule/postpone your appointment.
  • Please hang up your outer wear and place your footwear in our designated closets. Disposable slippers will be provided. Bring a sweater to stay cozy! At this time, we will not be using blankets in our treatment rooms.

Please review your course outline to view model times and fees here:  >> select the course you will be attending >> scroll down to find the model requirements: 

Thank you 

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