How do I share my booking availability for my Student Spa shifts?

How do I share my booking availability for my Student Spa shifts?

Sharing Your Booking Link

Once you're confirmed for your first shifts at the Student Spa, our team will send you a confirmation of the dates you've been scheduled for, as well as a personalized link that you can use to share your availability!


Ways to share your availability:

  • Send your personalized booking link to friends and family
  • Share your booking link on your social media profiles
  • Consider posting your booking link on Kijiji or Craigslist

Ways we'll be sharing availability:

  • A dedicated Student Spa booking page on our website
  • Our social accounts


With your initial Student Spa shift confirmation, you can expect to receive a link to your personal spa calendar so you can view what services you have coming up for each shift. This will automatically update to whichever calendar platform you choose to sync the booking calendar to when an appointment is added or edited. 

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