What can I expect during my Student Spa Shift?

What can I expect during my Student Spa Shift?

Showing Up for Your Shift

Just like your practical classes, you will enter the school through the Student Entrance at the back of the building. 


If this is your first shift in the Student Spa, please notify the instructor on staff. They will provide you with your workbook to track your service requirements for your program. This workbook will include a place for signoff by the instructor each time you complete a service in Student Spa. 


You must get the service signed off on the worksheet by the instructor before leaving for the day. Once your service requirements have been met, you can upload the complete worksheet for the service into the assignment modules in this course.


 Spa Assist Duties

During your shifts, you will be scheduled to assist with laundry duties and general cleanup of the spa areas. Cleaning and laundry is a community effort in the spa to maintain a welcoming environment for clients and ensure the spa is able to operate with little disruption.


 What to Bring

Please bring any implements or tools your were supplied in your student kits with you for your service day. Products for completing services will be supplied with the exception of students who are joining the student spa to make up models they could not complete in their practical class. If you are here to complete models for your individual class reuqirements, please bring your full student kit that was supplied to you. 

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