What is the dress code for practical training?

What is the dress code for practical training?

Yes, all students are required to follow the Student Dress Code laid out in our Student Handbook. 

Uniform Requirements: 

      - White esthetic jacket 
      - Black pants or skirt  (skirts must sit below the knee when seated)
      - Soft soled white or black shoes
      - Plain black or white socks, tights or nylons 
      - Plain black or white t-shirt, crew neck, long or short sleeve shirt with no logos or text visible 
      - Hair pulled neatly away from face 
      - Natural makeup 

Note: some courses are permitted to wear Black lab coats (eg: Microblading, UCW, Makeup Artistry and Permanent Makeup)

Inappropriate Student Dress Attire: 

      - Hoodies or sweatshirts or sweatpants 
      - Athletic wear or leggings 
      - Jeans, shorts or mini skirts 
      - Exposed skin 
      - Prints or patterns 
      - Colorful footwear, high heels or open-toed shoes 

Jewelry:  All jewelry must be removed from your body when performing or receiving treatments using electrical currents, lasers, radio frequency, and other technologies for yours and the clients safety. 

Nails: You may be required to remove or shorten the length of your nail extensions or gel polish. To know what is required for each of your scheduled courses, please review the practical training requirements of your course. 
Lab coats:  Students registered in a Diploma Program will receive a FREE Lab coat. Upon registration, a coupon will be sent via email to redeem your lab coat at PROBEAUTY Group. Please purchase your lab coat prior to your course start date. Lab coats are mandatory and it is recommended to have 2 lab coats during your studies.