What kind of certificates or grades are issued for your courses and programs?

What kind of certificates or grades are issued for your courses and programs?

Upon successful completion of the online theory and in-person practical training and practical exam (if required) of an individual course, you will receive a Certificate of Completion. Grades required to successfully pass an exam are listed in each course. A passing grade for Theory Exams is 70% and a passing grade for Practical Exams is 80%. Grades for Theory and Practical Exams are given within each course and are not listed on course certificates. Certificates are made available to each student as a PDF download document upon the successful completion of each course. Printed certificates are not provided for individual courses.

Final certificates for students in Diploma Programs are issued upon successful completion of all required program courses. Grades are not listed on Program Certificates however student achieving an overall final Program Grade of 90% or greater will receive a Certificate of Honours. Program Students will also receive a course transcript with grades upon completion of their Program.

Once you have successfully completed all courses in your Diploma Program, please fill our the Graduation and Diploma Request Form here. Our Administration Staff will verify your successful completion and issue your printed Diploma and Transcript. Please allow up to 4 weeks for your Diploma to be mailed to you. Please note, pickup for Diploma's is not available at this time. (See Student Handbook S.14C)

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