Why can’t I access my course anymore?

Why can’t I access my course anymore?

Your course has expired, or you have been removed from the course for administrative reasons.
Please contact our Student Advisor team at advisor@eietrainingcentre.ca to be re-enrolled or to apply for an extension.

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    • How do I find models for my class?

      Most classes require models for students to learn and practice on while being supervised by an Instructor. Students are required to find and schedule their own models according to the model times and requirements of each class. Ask around in your ...
    • Why I can’t I access my exam?

      Some courses have exams that are only made accessible after a certain period of time after your enrollment in the course, or as of a certain date. The date will be listed in the course outline, and/or you will be notified once the exam is available.
    • I don’t see a webinar listed for my course, what should I do?

      Webinars are required for most courses that are longer than one day in length for practical training. If your course requires a webinar, you will see a page with a link to the webinar listing page and instructions on how to book your online lesson. ...
    • I went to book my practical class in Vagaro but did not use my discount code. Can I get a refund?

      Each course that requires in-class practical training has to be booked in Vagaro as class sizes can be limited. At the beginning of each course, there are detailed instructions on when to book and how to book your practical training and includes a ...
    • It says I have 6 months to complete my course online. Why do I have so much time?

      The timeline for each class is set to 6 months to allow students to learn at their own pace. You may finish the course sooner if you wish and will still have access for the full 6-month time frame if you wish to go back and watch the videos over ...